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Quality Control

Master all core technologies
Master the core technology
Only by mastering all the processes that affect the stability of product quality can we make perfect products.
Self-check items
Tensile Strength
Tensile elongation
Hot air aging test
Ozone aging test
Experiment apparatus
Hardness Tester
Tensile testing machine, punching machine, thickness gauge
Aging test chamber
Ozone aging test box
Self-check items
Dimensional inspection
Formula verification
Compression set
Pollution resistance
Water resistance
Experiment apparatus
Influence meter
Rotorless vulcanizer
Aging test chamber
Aging test box, white sheet metal
Waterproof test chamber
Outsourcing projects
Resistant to brake fluid
Water resistance
Tear resistance
Low temperature resistance
Experimental institution
Radio and television measurement
Mixing workshop
The mixing plant includes VMQ mixing plant and EPDM mixing plant.600KGequipment includes 3 open mixers and 2 internal mixers.
Mold processing center
The types of molds that can be produced include flat rubber molds, injection rubber molds, injection rubber molds, plastic molds, stamping molds, etc. 4-8 sets of molds per month. Limit mold opening time 3 days
Internal mixing center
Automation and energy saving
The semi-automatic mixing from the dense bloom mixing center in Lina, Taiwan can save 50% of energy consumption while saving manpower.
Environmental protection
The continuous and stable excellent equipment can bring an excellent working environment. The built-in bag filter completely eliminates the dust floating caused by the traditional equipment.
High-precision mold manufacturing center
CNC and machining center
From Beijing Jingdiao, it uses CNC with the same precision as Foxconn, which provides accessories for Apple mobile phones. Manufacturing mold accuracy ± 0.05mm.
Wire walking and mirror spark
Japan's Mitsubishi innovative technology MV1200-S uses ODS nanosecond corresponding photoelectric drive system to improve processing accuracy and production efficiency. Japan Mitsubishi EA-S mirror spark machine adopts HGM loop processing principle to realize high-speed machining of super hard alloy.
100%Full inspection
Joint development
Using Delphi's same principle of detection methods, the visual inspection equipment jointly developed with Xiamen Boshiyuan realizes 100% full inspection in a true sense.
The fully-automated equipment ensures an inspection efficiency of 20,000 pieces / hour to meet the needs of large customers.
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