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Quality service
The company adheres to the principle of providing the best service to customers. From raw materials to end users, we strictly control the materials to ensure quality and consistency, while taking into account creativity and sensitivity to customers' explicit requirements. Our service commitment is not a slogan, an idea or an advertisement, our service commitment is serious.
We Believe
“Every good company starts with meeting customer needs.”
Give technical consultation reply
Provide a clear quotation plan
Completely resolve complaints and feedback
Service Team
Professional and timely pre-sale consulting team
We provide you with telephone, QQ, online communication and other methods, 7 * 24 * 365 days of responsive pre-sales consulting services to ensure timely provision of efficient pre-sales consulting services for you.
Professional manufacturing team
After placing the order, the modern factory will produce high-quality products for you and will be inspected by the inspection department and the quality inspection department to ensure that the product quality meets the requirements of the country and customers.
What are natural rubber products?
Natural rubber products refer to rubber products processed with natural rubber raw materials. Products include natural rubber O-rings, natural rubber gaskets, natural rubber rectangular rings, natural rubber gaskets, natural rubber shaped parts, natural rubber seals, etc. . Normally, what we mean by natural rubber refers to the elastic solids made by natural rubber latex collected from Brazilian rubber trees through coagulation, drying and other processing procedures.
What is butanone fluoroplastic products?
Butanone-resistant fluororubber products refer to fluoroelastomer products that are resistant to butanone and are produced with specially formulated butanone-resistant rubber materials.
What is hydrogenated nitrile rubber product?
Hydrogenated nitrile rubber (HNBR) is a highly saturated elastomer obtained by special hydrogenation of nitrile rubber. Hydrogenated nitrile rubber has good oil resistance (good resistance to fuel oil, lubricating oil, aromatic solvents); and due to its highly saturated structure, it has good heat resistance and excellent chemical resistance (for Freon, acid and alkali have good resistance), excellent ozone resistance, high compression resistance to permanent deformation; at the same time hydrogenated nitrile rubber also has high strength, high tear performance, excellent wear resistance and other characteristics, It is one of the rubbers with excellent overall performance.
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