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Wuhu Tianhai
Henan Tonglian donates masks to Wuhu Tianhai
Henan Tonglian Plastic Co., Ltd. embodies the responsibility to carry forward the cooperative spirit of the hardship of one side and the support of the eight parties.
Fulfill corporate social responsibility and help the school resume school and resume classes
The best kind keeps the ceremonial letter, the good virtue is like heaven and earth. Actively fulfill corporate social responsibilities and help schools resume school and classes.
Donate 8000 masks
Henan Tonglian Plastic Co., Ltd. donated 8,000 masks to Tianhai Group
The epidemic is loveless and there is love in the world. The masks in the epidemic are in short supply. Since the epidemic prevention and control work began, Tianhai Group only needs thousands of masks every day, and the protection of epidemic materials is under great pressure.
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