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Part number / model: 13963810
Color: Black
Outer diameter: φ1.7mm
Height: 29.6mm
Applicable wire diameter: Blind stick
Sample number: 643
Phone: 0373-8950868
Product Advantages
Stable Quality
Precision and stable mold generation equipment, high-quality technical personnel jointly cast excellent product quality and stability
Core Material
The raw materials of international and domestic first-line brands are selected, and the product materials include PA6 PA66 ABS PBT TPU TPB TPV and so on.
Tolerance Control
The molds manufactured by high-precision equipment ensure that the dimensional accuracy of the product is stable at±0.05mm。
The strict control of each process creates an extremely high product yield.
Mold Advantage
High-precision mold manufacturing center
From Beijing Jingdiao, it uses CNC with the same precision as Foxconn, which provides accessories for Apple mobile phones. Manufacturing mold accuracy±0.05mm。
Japan's Mitsubishi innovative technology MV1200-S uses ODS nanosecond corresponding photoelectric drive system to improve processing accuracy and production efficiency.
Japan Mitsubishi EA-S mirror spark machine adopts HGM loop processing principle to realize high-speed machining of super hard alloy.
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